Solliciteren bij de Partij voor de Dieren banner

The Party for the Animals is an integral part of a worldwide and growing movement of (groups of) people working for the rights of animals, in politics, in public administration and in society. We want to make this movement stronger, especially since our core themes – animals, nature and the environment – are pre-eminently cross-border themes.

For this reason, at the end of 2012, the Party for the Animals founded the Animal Politics Foundation (APF). The projects and activities of APF focus on making the international movement stronger, for one, by making connections, sharing knowledge and expanding and reinforcing the network. Many of the projects and activities fall directly under the APF flag, but we also focus on worldwide movements in other sections of the Party.

What we want
The Animal Politics Foundation wants the rights of animals to be enshrined in the democratic process worldwide. It does so based on a planet-wide vision that views the interests of people, animals, nature and the environment in their mutual context.

What we do
The Animal Politics Foundation organises workshops and conferences that focus on the exchange of knowledge and networking. In addition, know-how on topics such as campaigning, communication, party development and party democracy is made available on an international scale (digitally). Substantive knowledge is also shared by, for example, translating publications of our scientific bureau, the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation.

In this context, APF does not only focus on people who already are politically active, but its activities also aim to inspire a larger audience to work for the rights of animals within politics and democracy.