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Category: Blog - Year: 2008

Worldlog Week 51 – 2008

On the last day before the Christmas recess, the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament showed its animal-friendly side. A House majority supported a motion...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 50 – 2008

This week saw a number of important debates in which I took part. On Wednesday we had the first debate on the credit crisis and...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 49 – 2008

The Party for the Animals achieved a fantastic result in the district water board elections. The party gained a total of eight seats in the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 48 – 2008

This week was a busy one. I paid a demonstrative working visit to the A28 near Nunspeet, where pigs can still flee unhindered onto the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 47 – 2008

This week we are celebrating our second anniversary in parliament and to mark this occasion we presented our second parliamentary annual report. Here is an...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 46 – 2008

This week saw the start of the Water District Board elections. Between 13 and 25 November, Dutch residents can vote to elect the Water District...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 45 – 2008

I have had a fantastic week: I got married!! We had a wonderful day. I would like to introduce to you all to my husband,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 44 – 2008

It’s been an eventful week. A newly published report confirms the findings of other alarming reports, including those from the World Food Organization, the Netherlands...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 43 – 2008

Well done the Italian government! They presented a proposal last week to set up a national health services for dogs and cats meaning pets are...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 42 – 2008

Elections for the Netherlands’ district water boards will be held from 13 through 25 November. The district water boards have existed for centuries and, along...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 41 – 2008

After a successful and inspiring premiere of Meat the Truth in Hollywood I got back to the Netherlands last Wednesday. People reacted very enthusiastically and...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 40 – 2008

Last week in Holland there was a public channel set up that wants to draw the needs of animals, nature and the environment to the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 39 – 2008

Last week was a very busy one owing to the Parliamentary Debate on the Speech from the Throne. Consequently, I completely forgot to mention...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 38 – 2008

This week in the Netherlands it was “Prinsjesdag”, the day of the Queen’s annual speech to the country from the throne and the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 37 – 2008

On Thursday I presented the Party for the Animals to the International Press Association at a lunch in Perscentrum Nieuwspoort. During a meeting that lasted...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 36 – 2008

Good news this week. According to a Deloitte Research survey, the Dutch eat less and less meat. Average household meat consumption in the Netherlands has...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 35 – 2008

I spoke with someone this week who told me about the so called “Soy Pro Plus Machine” which makes healthy and nutritious soy fruit smoothies...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 34 – 2008

This week was set aside for working visits that we as members of parliament undertake during the parliamentary recess. Together with colleague Esther Ouwehand and...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 33 – 2008

The summer recess of the House of Representatives continues for another two weeks, but we’re already deep into the preparations for the new parliamentary year....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 32 – 2008

My Worldlog will appear in a shortened version during the parliamentary summer recess from 21 July through to 17 August. But to still keep you...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 31 – 2008

My Worldlog will appear in a shortened version during the parliamentary summer recess from 21 July through to 17 August. But to still keep you...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 30 – 2008

My Worldlog will appear in a shortened version during the parliamentary summer recess from 21 July through to 17 August. But to still keep you...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 29 – 2008

My Worldlog will appear in a shortened version during the parliamentary summer recess from 21 July through to 17 August. But to still keep you...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 28 – 2008

This week saw the last convening of the senate before the summer recess. The lower house recessed last week. On the senate’s agenda in this...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 27 – 2008

Been very busy since this was the last week before summer recess. The Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE) are holding their...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 26 – 2008

This week we scored an important parliamentary victory. As early as last year my colleague Esther Ouwehand tabled a motion to prohibit the serving of...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 25 – 2008

This week Parliament adopted a motion from the Party for the Animals requiring the Minister of Agriculture to provide measurable goals in regards to animal...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 24 – 2008

This week the Party for the Animals scored an amazing victory. The Aggressive Animals Order, which allowed the confiscation and destruction of pit-bull type dogs,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 23 – 2008

In the past week, there has been much commotion about intended plans to gas thousands of geese in our province of North Holland because they...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 22 – 2008

Our party congress (members’ meeting) was held last week. It was an opportunity to look back at a highly successful year in which we gained...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 21 – 2008

Last week, Meat the Truth premièred in London, kicking off the international releases of the film in the rest of the world. Karen Soeters...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 20 – 2008

Today at the Odeon West End in London is the world première of the international version of Meat the Truth. After today, we’ll be fulfilling...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 19 – 2008

The Dutch Parliament was on recess this week, which gave me the opportunity to look around abroad. My daughter Annika and I went on holiday...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 18 – 2008

All over the world, including the Netherlands, people are debating the pros and cons of new clean fuels. In addition to wind, water and solar...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 17 – 2008

This week we filmed an interview with Pamela Anderson at her home in Los Angeles. She is very enthusiastic about the Party for the Animals...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 16 – 2008

Dear friends, This week we learned that the construction of a large business park (Sciencelink) in the Netherlands will not go ahead. This business park was...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 15 – 2008

Last week there was much commotion in the Netherlands regarding a slaughterhouse in the northern part of the Netherlands. Terrible animal abuse was allegedly taking...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 14 – 2008

Karen Soeters, Director of our Scientific Bureau, has returned from the Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills with great quotes from lots of animal-friendly celebrities for...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 13 – 2008

It’s been a busy week. This week we had a debate about scandals in Dutch slaughterhouses. A leaked report from the Dutch Food and Commodities...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 12 – 2008

Welcome to my second Worldlog! I am pleased to be able to tell you that in its first week the Worldlog was visited daily by...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 11 – 2008

Welcome to my first Worldlog! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Marianne Thieme and I am the...Continue Reading