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Worldlog Week 51 – 2009

I returned yesterday from the climate summit in Copenhagen and it was depressing to see how economic interests dominated the negotiations over and above the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 50 – 2009

On Wednesday I had a meeting with Paul McCartney on the night of his concert in Arnhem. As I had to leave the concert early...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 49 – 2009

The political year of 2009 will go down in history as a turning point - or at least it will do so in the Netherlands....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 48 – 2009

This past week we witnessed animal suffering on a gigantic scale. In Nepal tens of thousands of animals were cruelly sacrificed during the Gadhimai Fair Festival....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 47 – 2009

This week we have been busy in Dutch parliament with the Crisis and Recovery act. Under the guise of ‘crisis recovery’, every kind of infrastructural...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 46 – 2009

With less than a month to go for the Copenhagen Climate Conference, it is incomprehensible that so many political leaders still fail to understand the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 45 – 2009

Increasingly more people are recognising the need to consume less meat, one of these people being Al Gore! This fact was a huge omission from...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 44 – 2009

This week I made an appeal in the Netherlands’ main financial daily newspaper “Het Financieele Dagblad” to put an end to Ponzi Politics....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 43 – 2009

Last week I was in Suriname on a working visit. The working visit with all Dutch party leaders was an extremely intensive one and I...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 42 – 2009

Last week in the run-up to the Climate Conference in Copenhagen I again argued for reduced meat consumption to be put on the Netherlands’ climate...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 41 – 2009

Sunday 4 October was World Animal Day, a day in which many house pets receive extra attention from their owners. Animal Protection (Dierenbescherming) used Monday...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 40 – 2009

A very special surprise in the mail this week. Paul McCartney wrote me a short note to thank the Party for the Animals for putting...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 39 – 2009

This week I attended the premiere for the climate change movie called The Age of Stupid (neat title!). The film comprises a number of story...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 38 – 2009

It’s been a great week! It all began on Tuesday with Prinsjesdag, the day of the Queen’s speech where the Meat Free Mondays chef’s hat...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 37 – 2009

Next week is Prinsjesdag in the Netherlands and during the traditional women’s hat parade I will wear a chef’s hat embroidered with golden letters that...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 36 – 2009

The run-up to the new parliamentary year is in full swing. And in the midst of all the attendant hullabaloo we received some fantastic news...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 35 – 2009

Last week a professor of public administration expressed his concern in the newspapers about the state of democracy in the Netherlands and he used the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 34 – 2009

Welcome back all. I hope you can all look back on a great summer and that you are all reenergised to help make animal suffering...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 28 – 2009

This is my final worldlog before the summer recess. I’ll be in Rio de Janeiro next Wednesday to speak at the world veganism...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 27 – 2009

What a busy week. We finished the parliamentary year with a number of debates and votes in the Lower House. The Party for the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 26 – 2009

Today I would like to give you a practical example of the way in which the Dutch government operates. I say this without sniping at...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 25 – 2009

There is still no news about who is to be awarded the Netherland’s 26th seat in the European parliament. It looks as though we will...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 24 – 2009

Last Thursday the Netherlands Electoral Council announced the results of the European elections. While the allocation of the first 25 seats went smoothly, the question...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 23 – 2009

We worked hard last week to win a seat in the European Parliament. We knew it would be difficult because Dutch parliament has 150 seats...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 22 – 2009

Single issue This week we will find out if the Party for the Animals will be the first political party in the world that focuses...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 21 – 2009

We are back from New York! What an incredible experience to see such a mixed group of people who feel inspired to organize a Veggie...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 20 – 2009

Welcome to this week's WorldLog from New York City where I am attending the 17th conference on sustainability at the United Nations and also for...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 19 – 2009

This week I want to tell you more about possible alliances when starting up a new party for the animals. Last week we were paid a...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 18 – 2009

The entire Netherlands reacted in shock last week to the Queen's Day attack on the Dutch royal family. A security guard who had...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 17 – 2009

In the past weeks I’ve been receiving e-mails from people all over the world inspired by our Worldlog and who can’t wait to get to...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 16 – 2009

We have had a lot of press exposure this week. We also talked to a number of international (energy) organisations about the fact that the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 15 – 2009

This week I’d like to interrupt our course on “how to set up a Party for the Animals” to bring you some news. As sure...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 14 – 2009

Last week was a particularly busy week. Just as the tension surrounding the credit crisis mounts, political pressure is also mounting on other portfolios. It's...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 13 – 2009

One of the accusations you will continually face as a new party for the animals is that you don’t distance yourself from violent animal activism....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 12 – 2009

It's wonderful to see that our message on expressive politics concerning animal rights has found such resonance, even in other countries. Last week The Bihar...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 11 – 2009

Democracy for animals. This week I’d like to dip into some current events. The Netherlands is a country immersed...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 10 – 2009

Today I continue with the analysis of Maartje Janse. I discussed the first half in last week's WorldLog. I have also included the story in...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 09 – 2009

This week I’d like to continue my story of how we set up the Party for the Animals. On taking up our first seats in...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 08 – 2009

This week we will continue with the “course” on how you can set up a Party for the Animals in your own country. You need...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 07 – 2009

In my past few Worldlogs I have been relating the story of how we set up the Party for the Animals. This was in response...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 06 – 2009

This week I will present the second half of the story of how we won seats in Dutch parliament. We were the first political party...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 05 – 2009

I get e-mails from people all over the world asking the same question: “how do I go about setting up a party for the animals?”...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 04 – 2009

Tuesday was a historical day, it was the inauguration of the first black president of the United States. And he understands more about nutrition than...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 03 – 2009

Best wishes to everybody in 2009! I've just put the finishing touches on my latest book “The Equality of Animals, the Happiness of People”. In...Continue Reading