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Category: Blog - Year: 2010

Worldlog Week 50 – 2010

Last week Dutch parliament accepted the Party for the Animals’ motion in which it was stated that Iceland cannot become a member of the European...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 49 – 2010

I was at the climate summit last week in Cancun. It was an exciting week. Thankfully at the last minute a climate agreement was reached....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 48 – 2010

The Party for the Animals held a party congress on Sunday, November 28th. It was a positive and inspiring congress during which I passed the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 47 – 2010

The e-mail campaign against unanaesthetised ritual slaughter that I talked about in last week's WorldLog has been a huge success! The Party for the Animals...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 46 – 2010

Last week was all about unanaesthetised ritual slaughter. During a special procedural meeting in the Lower House, our scientific office, the Nicolaas G....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 45 – 2010

In week 43's Worldlog I told you about the biodiversity summit in Nagoya, Japan. Happily, agreements were made during the summit whereby the 193 participating...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 44 – 2010

One of our greatest supporters from the world of literature passed away last week. The Dutch writer Harry Mulisch died on 31 October 2010 at...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 43 – 2010

It was party time at the Party for the Animals on Thursday 28 October because we are now eight years old! I went to The...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 42 – 2010

On 15 October I took part in Blog Action Day. This year’s theme was water. People from all over the world wrote blogs...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 41 – 2010

After 127 days, cabinet formation has finally occurred. Last week Thursday, the Rutte cabinet stood on the steps of Huis ten Bosch with Queen Beatrix...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 40 – 2010

The die is cast. A VVD/CDA governing coalition with the parliamentary support of the PVV will be a reality. This followed a lot of extensive...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 39 – 2010

The Party for the Animals was disappointed to hear of the coalition agreement between the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD, liberal) and the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 38 – 2010

The day of the Queen’s speech in the Netherlands is once more behind us. It was an unusual speech as it was written by an...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 37 – 2010

Prinsjesdag is nearly here again and the Party for the Animals is very busy preparing for this day. In the Netherlands, the Queen reads her...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 36 – 2010

There is so much going on around the cabinet formation discussions that I could post an update each week. On Friday 3 September, Geert Wilders’...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 35 – 2010

The negotiations over a new government remain exciting. There are vast differences of opinion within the participating Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) about governing with parliamentary...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 34 – 2010

We’re back! A few weeks of relaxing on vacation has recharged our batteries and we are ready to get going again! In this Worldlog we...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 27 – 2010

It's hot in Holland! We hope that both people and animals will be able to ride out this heat and that animals in the fields...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 26 – 2010

Japanese Greenpeace activist Junichi Sato had accepted an invitation from the Party for the Animals to meet with the Lower House committee on Agriculture, Nature...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 25 – 2010

Last week a lost orca was found in the Wadden Sea to the North of the Netherlands. The young, weakened orca has been housed in...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 24 – 2010

Last week Esther Ouwehand and I were sworn in for the second time as members of parliament. A special and wonderful occasion. Time to continue...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 23 – 2010

During the elections for the Lower Chamber last week, the Party for the Animals held onto its two seats, what a wonderful result! Dutch voters...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 22 – 2010

In this week’s Worldlog a photoreport documenting the activities of the Party for the Animals during the election campaign. In the heart of the area affected...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 21 – 2010

The battle for the election has now truly begun. There is just a little more than a week left before the Netherlands votes on 9...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 20 – 2010

A Dutch passport has again been successfully arranged for the world-famous primatologist Marc van Roosmalen. This is a huge relief for a special...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 19 – 2010

A confirmation of something we naturally already knew: the Party for the Animals is an enormous influence on other parties in parliament. The fact we...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 18 – 2010

Last week I wrote about the alien alert by Stephen Hawking. Hawking said that, just as the arrival of Columbus didn’t end well for the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 17 – 2010

On Sunday 25 April, we held the Party for the Animals election conference. The members established our candidate list and election programme at said conference....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 16 – 2010

Good news for whales! During a debate in the Lower House, we received wide support for our proposals to accord protected status to all species...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 15 – 2010

The election battle can begin! Last week we presented our draft election programme "Recipe for compassion and sustainability' for the Lower House elections. Our members...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 14 – 2010

Minister Verburg of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has giving the green light for goat breeding to recommence in the Netherlands as of 1 June...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 13 – 2010

It’s been a week full of news that includes a barbaric dolphin hunt, nature and the animals on Antarctica and astronaut apes in Russia! ...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 12 – 2010

It was another week full of discussions and debates with the outgoing Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Gerda Verburg. Unfortunately, thus far completely...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 11 – 2010

The Dutch government has set the polar bear out in the cold. The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) Gerda Verburg voted during...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 10 – 2010

Unfortunately, in a referendum held last week in Switzerland, voters rejected a motion for the appointment animal lawyers for all regional governments in the country...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 09 – 2010

The Party for the Animals increased its representation from 20 to 26 people at last week’s municipal elections. The municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 08 – 2010

A week after the fall of the cabinet, the issue of Uruzgan continues to grip Dutch political life. Last week the Dutch cabinet resigned because...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 07 – 2010

It has been an exciting week. After the coalition parties frenetically closed ranks on the issue of Dutch support for the war in Iraq, we...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 06 – 2010

Last Sunday during the kick-off of the municipal elections in Amsterdam I welcomed our ten-thousandth member! The elections are set for 3 March...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 05 – 2010

We are currently very busy preparing our campaign for the upcoming council elections. We have grown by 50% in the national polls and in Amsterdam...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 04 – 2010

We are in the middle of the messy aftermath of the worst Q fever epidemic in history. No coincidence that it should occur in the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 03 – 2010

The parliamentary year has started with a vengeance once again. The Dutch government tasked a committee to inquire into the legitimacy of the attack on...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 02 – 2010

Welcome back everyone. First off, I wish you all a sustainable and animal-friendly 2010. I truly hope that our combined efforts will lead to a...Continue Reading