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Category: Blog - Year: 2012

Worldlog Week 51 – 2012

Great news for minks: the end of fur breeding in the Netherlands is in sight. Last Tuesday, the Upper House debated the legislative proposal to...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 50 – 2012

In a debate with Minister Blok of Housing and the Civil Service last Thursday, I requested that the new rules for the fire safety of...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 49 – 2012

In last week's Worldlog, I talked about our motion that asks the government to work on tightening the criteria for European agricultural subsidies. Well, it...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 48 – 2012

This week Dutch television played a key role in the discussion on animal welfare issues. In both a good and a bad sense. The...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 47 – 2012

Let's start with some good news: The Netherlands is offering wolves a warm welcome, should they cross the German border. This week, the State Secretary...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 46 – 2012

It is great news that Barack Obama was re-elected. His re-election means a better future for the United States. But now let’s hope for real...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 45 – 2012

In last week's Worldlog I gave a more comprehensive report of our 10 year anniversary party held on Sunday of last week. I would once...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 44 – 2012

What a great party! Yesterday we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Apeldoorn. It was excellent to see so many people who have worked hard to...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 43 – 2012

Last week was the Autumn recess, so today I'm completely rested and ready for a new week in the chamber. The government formation is still...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 42 – 2012

‘The road to a European state is presented as unavoidable given the fact that we now have a single currency. If we were wise, we...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 41 – 2012

4 October was ‘World Animal Day’. I called for people to give animals the day off and to use this day to think about how...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 40 – 2012

Dutch animal rights activist Edwin Wiek was arrested in Thailand last Wednesday. Fortunately, he was released on bail several hours later after guarantees from the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 39 – 2012

This has been an interesting week. Tuesday was Prinsjesdag, and Thursday saw the instalment of the new House. What's more, we saw the definitive election...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 38 – 2012

This is the first Worldlog following the summer recess. It was a summer recess not marked by relaxation but rather by frenetic campaign activity as...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 28 – 2012

Thursday saw this parliamentary year’s final session of the House of Representatives, always a demanding day but at the same time it is a lot...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 27 – 2012

Yesterday, our members approved the election programme presented last week at the conference. We also determined the candidate list at the conference and officially gave...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 26 – 2012

Last week the senate rejected the legislative bill seeking to ban the ritual slaughter of animals without prior stunning. In addition to the Christian parties,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 25 – 2012

Last week we continued the debate in the Lower House on my private member's bill to ban unanaesthetised ritual slaughter. To my disappointment, the senators...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 24 – 2012

Tomorrow will see the continuation of the debate in the Upper House on my private member’s bill seeking to ban the slaughter of animals without...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 23 – 2012

The Lower House focused this week on the Kunduz Accord by three parties that offered our conservative government passive support in exchange for the opportunity...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 22 – 2012

Last week the Lower House held its accountability debate. This debate, held each year in the third week of May, covers cabinet policy for...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 21 – 2012

I'm back in the  Lower House and it's really great to be back in The Hague. I'm ready to go for it at full speed!...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 20 – 2012

This week I informed the party executive that I will be available to head the list of candidates of the Party of the Animals for...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 19 – 2012

Last week, the Netherlands reached an agreement to comply with the Brussels standard that states a budget deficit shall not be allowed to exceed three...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 18 – 2012

I’m back. From today I will regularly be writing a new weblog each week! My baby daughter Amélie is almost two months old now...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 17 – 2012

This Worldlog was written by one of Marianne Thieme's staff, as Marianne is away on maternal leave. If the Lower House were to hold elections...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 16 – 2012

This Worldlog was written by a colleague of Marianne Thieme who is on maternity leave. Last week scientists from all over the world were in Antwerp...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 15 – 2012

This Worldlog was written by one of Marianne Thieme's staff, as Marianne is away on maternal leave. Last week the Lower House paid a...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 14 – 2012

This Worldlog has been written by a colleague of Marianne Thieme who is on maternity leave. According to researchers of the Privacy Barometer, the Party for...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 13 – 2012

This Worldlog was written by one of Marianne Thieme's staff, as Marianne is away on maternal leave. Here are some gripping...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 12 – 2012

This week’s Worldlog was written by colleagues of Marianne Thieme who is currently on maternity leave. Marianne was delivered of a baby girl on...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 11 – 2012

This Worldlog was written by Marianne Thieme's staff, as she is away on maternal leave. Our parliamentary group of the Lower House called...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 10 – 2012

A debate was held in the Lower House last week in the lead up to the European Summit held on 1 and 2 March. We...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 09 – 2012

Our parliamentary group of the Lower House has finally managed to realise a public database for laboratory animal research in the Netherlands. Hartelust, a Tilburg-based...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 08 – 2012

I start with good news this week: Erwin Vermeulen is free! On Friday 17 February, the Japanese authorities released the Dutch Sea Shepherd volunteer. He...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 07 – 2012

On Wednesday 9 February we bought Sjoerdje the Frisian cow her freedom! She had escaped from a slaughterhouse the week before and had...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 06 – 2012

I have reported in previous Worldlogs about Dutchman Erwin Vermeulen who was arrested in the Japanese coastal town on Taiji on 16 December 2011. As...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 05 – 2012

Here's a good piece of news to start us off. In 2011, the Party for the Animals experienced the highest rate of membership growth of...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 04 – 2012

Next Sunday the Party for the Animals is organizing a benefit screening of the film The Cove in Amsterdam in support of Erwin...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 03 – 2012

Many happy returns for the New Year! We are going to do everything we can this year too to help the Netherlands become more animal-friendly....Continue Reading