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Worldlog week 52 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

Last week, I submitted a private member’s bill to drastically curtail hunting and shooting in the Netherlands. I want to have a ban imposed on...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 51 – 2013

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This week the Animal Politics Symposium: Theory and Practice was held in Istanbul. It were two inspiring days with lecturers and visitors from all over...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 50 – 2013

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Following our email campaign to stop the sale of angora wool, the big fashion chain WE Fashion was the first shop to remove angora products...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 49 – 2013

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A great breakthrough! The big fashion chains H&M, C&A and WE have indicated last week to (temporarily) stop the production of angora wool. People have...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 48 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

Last week, I was given the opportunity to support the response team of the Dutch relief effort, giro 555, by registering donations to help the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 47 – 2013

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On Sunday last week we had a very nice day in the Dutch village of Daarle when we visited ‘our’ protest forest. 100 of the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 46 – 2013

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The Australian Animal Justice Party (AJP) intends to participate in the next national elections! They are going for at least 100,000 votes. It would be...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 45 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

The Party for the Animals will participate in the municipal elections of March in twelve municipalities! I am really proud of the developments our Party...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 44 – 2013

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Last week was Autumn Recess in the Lower House. There were no debates, but work continued as per usual. I worked at such things as...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 43 – 2013

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On 16 October it was World Food Day. 57 Days after Earth Overshoot Day, the day on which we exceeded the reproductive capacity of the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 42 – 2013

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Finally, measures are taken to curb the import of highly polluting tar sand oil! Our government will have to advocate in Brussels for a European...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 41 – 2013

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Great news! PAN, our Portuguese sister party has won several seats in Portugal's local elections. In some municipalities, the Portuguese Party for the Animals is...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 40 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

Last week revolved entirely around the Parliamentary Debate on the Speech from the Throne. This is of the Netherlands most important debates and they always...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 39 – 2013

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Last Friday, I spoke with the Ambassador of Romania about the mass killing of stray dogs over there. I already told about that in my...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 38 – 2013

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Last week I asked parliamentary questions about the gruesome news that Romania will cull tens of thousands of stray dogs. In order to solve their...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 37 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

A great success of our Amsterdam council party group: the Amsterdam Municipal Council is going to call on fashion shops to stop selling the fur...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 36 – 2013

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We're back from summer recess! The Lower House met last week about the situation in Syria. If there is something we can do for the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 29 – 2013

  • mariannethieme -

In this last Worldlog before the summer recession, I would like to inform you of the latest news. On our urgent request, State Secretary Dijksma of...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 28 – 2013

Last week, the entire parliament voted in favour of my motion to end the EU agricultural subsidies for bullfighting. Now, the Dutch government has to...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 27 – 2013

We had yet another breakthrough this week! Animal transport inspection is now 100% the government's responsibility. The government accepted the motion I tabled and animal...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 26 – 2013

Victory in the Dutch village of Daarle! The cabinet has put a provisional stop to nature sales in the Netherlands. The reason for this, according...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 25 – 2013

Much good news from the parliament this week! First of all, the painful alterations of chickens, cocks and turkeys will finally be banned thanks to...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 24 – 2013

We had a wonderfully inspiring meeting with 8 international sister parties in the first weekend of June. The Parties for the Animals from Turkey, Spain,...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 23 – 2013

Last week, I presented my new scientific volume titled More! to the Upper House. Scientists who contributed to the new volume, presented a range of...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 22 – 2013

The National Forest Service awarded us almost 100,000 m2 of natural reserve as we came together to be the highest bidder. We are the first...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 21 – 2013

Wonderful! We managed to buy the freedom of almost 100,000 square meters of the most vulnerable nature at the auction of Staatsbosbeheer! In 2.5...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 20 – 2013

Last week I talked about the wonderful, heart-warming reception we had in Istanbul from our sister party Hayvan Partisi. Last week, one of Turkey's biggest...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 19 – 2013

Last Tuesday the 30th of April was a historical day in the Netherlands, as on that day the succession took place. King Willem-Alexander was inaugurated...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 18 – 2013

It's been a busy time full of fun activities. Last Thursday we launched the 'Growing Resistance' campaign. We did it because the National Forest Service...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 17 – 2013

Last week in the Netherlands a debate was held on the suicide of the Russian human rights activist Dolmatov. Early this year, Dolmatov committed suicide...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 16 – 2013

On Sunday, April 7 we had a heart-warming party conference in Doorn with a huge turnout. We enjoyed such things as a fantastic speech by...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 15- 2013

A first in the Netherlands! Last Friday, I opened the first snack bar in the Netherlands which has only vegetarian and vegan items on the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 14- 2013

We're expanding! My weekly Worldlog is now translated into nine languages, and I'm about to add four more. I'll keep you abreast of what's happening...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 13 – 2013

My week was partly dominated by the Dutch Royal House. On the 30th of April Prince Willem-Alexander  will swear an oath at his investiture as...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 12 – 2013

In the debate on large-scale food fraud, I let the government know in no uncertain terms that it needs to strongly police and enforce food...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 11 – 2013

Yesterday we and a few hundred volunteers planted a fantastic forest of trees! We did it to highlight our Growing Resistance promotion against nature cuts....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 10 – 2013

We're right back at it after a week's recess. This week, I asked parliamentary questions  about donkeys on Sint Eustatius, a Dutch municipality in the...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 09 – 2013

Scientists from around the world gathered in the United States last week to discuss the vegetarian diet and its health benefits for people. Last Saturday,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 08 – 2013

We've had another breakthrough in animal welfare this week! Our motion to lower the European fishing subsidies was accepted. The Dutch government will now have...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 07 – 2013

Opposition in the Netherlands against consumer fireworks in growing steadily. Consequently, this week we asked Minister Opstelten and State Secretary Mansveld to reconsider the preparation...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 06 – 2013

What a wonderful week for animals, nature, and the environment! The Lower House has accepted several of our motions to radically green agricultural policy. So,...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 05 – 2013

This week saw the debate on the agriculture budget in the Lower House, always a key moment for our party to draw attention to animal...Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 04 – 2013

It has been busy at work this week. My colleague Esther was in Berlin for a few days last week for ‘Grüne Woche’....Continue Reading

Worldlog Week 03 – 2013

The new year is always a time for resolutions. My own new year’s resolution is clear: continue the fight for animals, nature and the environment!...Continue Reading