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Worldlog 21 December 2015

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At the beginning of December, I was head of delegation of our Lower House committee joining the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris. After a...Continue Reading

Worldlog 22 November 2015

Last weekend it was time for our international Animal Politics Meeting. From 19 to 21 November 2015, the political parties for the animals from 15...Continue Reading

Worldlog November 2015

At the invitation of the Curacao Society for the Protection of Animals, I have travelled to the Caribbean during the autumn recess from 22 to...Continue Reading

Worldlog October 2015

National parliamentary elections were held in Portugal on the 4th of October. And the Portuguese Party for the Animals won a seat in the national...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 39 – 2015

This week, Budget Day and the Parliamentary Debate on the Speech from the Throne were held, where the government presented its plans for the next...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 38 – 2015

The growing refugee problems dominated the discussion in the Lower House last week. Compassion and sustainability cannot be more closely related than in the solution...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 37 – 2015

Last June, the court ruled in favour of the environmental group Urgenda in the so-called 'Climate Case'. The court judged that the Dutch State should...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 36 – 2015

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The summer recess has come to an end, which means I am going to work hard again in the Lower House this year. It may...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 28 – 2015

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Last Wednesday, the Lower House voted on the new Nature Act and all amendments and motions submitted in its regard. We unfortunately failed to obtain...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 27 – 2015

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Last week I told you about my initiative policy document regarding the ban of sport hunting that was brought before the Lower House. In the...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 26 – 2015

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Last Monday, my initiative policy document to ban sport hunting was discussed in the Lower House. The government's bill on new regulations for nature (Nature...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 25 – 2015

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This week the focus was on banning sport hunting. My initiative policy document regarding the ban of sport hunting was brought before the Lower House....Continue Reading

Worldlog week 24 – 2015

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Do you also wish to have a bang-free New Year’s Eve? Last week in the Lower House, we called for a complete ban on consumer...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 23 – 2015

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Hunters going on hunting trips to Africa for tens of thousands of euros to hunt for endangered species are still allowed to import their hunting...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 22 – 2015

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In the Netherlands, there are unfortunately still cruel ‘hobbies’ that cause a lot of harm to animals. An example of this is swan drifting. Swan...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 21 – 2015

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I want to thank everyone who voted for me over the past few weeks in the Greenest Politician 2015 election! Last Sunday, I was given...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 20 – 2015

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A few weeks ago, I talked about the controversial migratory bird hunt in Malta. Each spring, and so again this spring, hunters in Malta get...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 19 – 2015

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I have some good news to start with! Thanks to our motion gas drilling on and around the Dutch Wadden Island of Terschelling is prohibited...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 18 – 2015

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Last week, some 700 boat people have drowned again in the Med Dead, the Mediterranean Sea, a lethal barrier to increasingly more people fleeing to...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 17 – 2015

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Every year, thousands of migratory birds rest in Malta during their migration from Africa to Europe. But this stopover has a dark edge because last...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 16 – 2015

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Last week, the annual ‘State of the Union' debate was held. In this debate, Dutch members of the Lower House as well as Euro MPs...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 15 – 2015

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Last Sunday, we already held our 21st Party Congress! Naturally, we looked back on our campaign and the great results of the Provincial Council and...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 14 – 2015

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For many months, negotiations on the TTIP free trade agreement have been in full swing at a European level. Nonetheless, very few Dutch people are...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 13 – 2015

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Last Wednesday, 18 March, the Provincial Council and Water Board (Dutch administrative structure for water management) elections were held. Together we have conducted a great...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 12 – 2015

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Our new documentary One Single Planet had its world premiere in Amsterdam last week and was shown in 10 towns in the Netherlands last weekend....Continue Reading

Worldlog week 11 – 2015

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Last week, I went to the Parabere Forum in Bilbao in Spain. Parabere Forum is an independent, non-profit conference where key food issues...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 10 – 2015

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The Netherlands are a key player in the international rogue trading of dogs. This has been shown by a new investigation conducted by a regional...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 9 – 2015

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The origin of meat contained in products like lasagnes, hot dogs and pizzas must be clearly labelled. Our party advocated for this in the European...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 8 – 2015

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Last week, I visited the Biofach in Nuremberg, Germany. It hosted interesting lectures on the word food problem, and presentations were made of state-of-the-art innovations...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 7 – 2015

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We have a beautiful new logo! It was designed by the internationally accredited agency Thonik. I am proud of our new look with a butterfly...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 6 – 2015

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At this moment, around 250 dolphins are being slaughtered in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji. This annual hunt relates closely to the trade in...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 5 – 2015

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Last week, the Lower House debated on factory farming on our request. It is unbelievable that the government chooses for further growth of the livestock...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 4 – 2015

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Last week was marked by the terrible attacks in Paris. Worldwide, millions of people took to the streets to stand up for free speech and...Continue Reading

Worldlog week 3 – 2015

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First of all, my best wishes for the New Year! Also in 2015, we will reaffirm our commitment to a better world for people, animals,...Continue Reading