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Category: Blog - Year: 2016

Worldlog 19 December 2016

Published on 12/19/2016

Last week we were shocked by the discovery of 23 dead puppies at an illegal puppy trader's home in the north of the Netherlands. Illegal...Continue Reading

Worldlog 28 November 2016

Published on 11/29/2016

On 22 November, it was exactly ten years ago since we were elected in the Lower House with two seats. Time to celebrate. We have...Continue Reading

Worldlog – 7 November 2016

Published on 11/8/2016

On Sunday the 30th of October last, I was given the opportunity to present our draft election programme (for the elections of the Lower House...Continue Reading

Worldlog 17 October 2016

Published on 10/17/2016

Every year, the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw draws up a Sustainable Top 100 list. For the fifth time in a row, the Party for the...Continue Reading

Worldlog 26 September 2016

Published on 9/26/2016

Man o man, what a week! First Budget Day and then the General Political Considerations. On Budget Day I wore a hat that said 'Man o...Continue Reading

Worldlog 5 September 2016

Published on 9/5/2016

In August, I was a guest at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain. In the Social Forum Programme, I took part in a forum discussion...Continue Reading

Worldlog 11 July 2016

Published on 7/12/2016

Just before the summer recess, Brexit was still a topic of intense debate. Various possible consequences, opportunities, scenarios, advantages and disadvantages were discussed, but there...Continue Reading

Worldlog 20 June 2016

Published on 6/20/2016

Last week there was a special meeting at the Lower House with Ric O'Barry. He was the trainer of one of the most well-known dolphins:...Continue Reading

Worldlog 30 May 2016

Published on 5/30/2016

In my previous Worldlog I told you that I went to Australia to give some lectures, meanwhile I have finished this lecture tour. The Australian...Continue Reading

Worldlog 9 May 2016

Published on 5/10/2016

I am writing this Worldlog from Australia. At the invitation of the Australian animal rights organisation Voiceless I am giving a series of lectures in...Continue Reading

Worldlog 18 April 2016

Published on 4/18/2016

On Sunday the 10th of April, we celebrated our Party´s already 22th congress. More than 400 members were present on this inspiring day. Every congress...Continue Reading

Worldlog 29 March 2016

Published on 3/29/2016

With the Paris attacks still fresh in our minds, we were again shocked by a terror attack last week. This time it happened in the...Continue Reading

Wordlog 7 March 2016

Published on 3/7/2016

A lot has happened recently. Dutch producers have made an undercover documentary about the course of events in Dolphinarium Harderwijk in the Netherlands. The documentary...Continue Reading

Worldlog 15 February 2016

Published on 2/15/2016

I would like to start with some fantastic news. Last week we had a major breakthrough in the Lower House. Ever since the start of...Continue Reading

Worldlog 25 January 2016

Published on 1/25/2016

The Netherlands is currently President of the European Union. During this presidency, animal welfare should have first priority. After all, this EU Presidency is the...Continue Reading