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Category: Blog - Year: 2019

Worldlog Marianne Thieme – leader of the Party for the Animals

  • Animal rights politicians in EU unite -
  • Climate March -
  • Important elections for animal politics movement -
  • making environmental damage an international crime -
  • Our Australian sister party at first Turkish vegan festival -
  • Polly Higgins -
  • Speaking in Bosnian Parliament to make fur history -

March has been a month of hope. On the 10th of March, the Party for the Animals joined 40,000 others on the street to call...Continue Reading

Worldlog Marianne Thieme – Leader of the Party for the Animals

  • call for a positive and radical change of system -
  • Climate March -
  • fossil system -
  • greenwashing -
  • Greta Thunberg -
  • new book "Growing Resistance" -
  • New documentary #Poweplant -
  • Oxford University research on food's environmental impact -
  • Provincial Elections in The Netherlands -
  • Stop the Cage Age -
  • vote for animal rights parties -

This February, I returned to Parliament after sick leave. It is good to get back to work! There is still an incredible amount of work...Continue Reading

Worldlog Esther Ouwehand

  • Activism -
  • Debate on suffering and dying of livestock animals -
  • Documentary #Powerplant -
  • Sustainable animal-welfare friendly and healthy future -
  • Transition to plant-based -

In my latest Worldlog of 2018, I announced that in the new year, the Dutch Lower House was going to have a...Continue Reading