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Canadian party for the animals challenges Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a crucial question

27 February 2018 –  This month, the Animal Protection Party of Canada (APPC) put Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the spot by accusing him of blocking animal welfare improvements. When APPC’s Campaign Officer Jordan Reichert asked Trudeau a crucial question during a meeting in the townhall of Nanaimo, Trudeau was clearly caught by surprise.

APPC’s Jordan Reichert asks Prime Minister Trudeau a question

Jordan Reichert, APPC’s West Coast Campaign Officer, challenged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Liberal Party of Canada’s terrible record on animal protection and asked him what the Liberals plan to do in future in order to improve animal protection in Canada.

In response, Prime Minister Trudeau made an inappropriate remark about Reichert wearing a suit and then completely avoided the question, saying activists needed to work with farmers, thereby putting all responsibility in the hands of Canadian citizens and activists. Trudeau seemed overwhelmed by the question and did not seem to have a clear grasp of the situation.

Jordan Reichert:
“I am going to ask a question you do not get asked every day. The Liberal government in 2016 killed the bill called “Bill C-246” which would have made marginal improvements for the protection of animals in our country by eliminating importation of cat and dog fur, importation of shark fins, moving animals from the property section of the criminal code and various other changes. The Liberal Party voted against this bill. Across Canada over 1 billion animals are killed through factory farming and animal experimentation. We are the only G7 country without protection for animals in laboratories right now. Violence is systemic against animals in our country.

Every day animals are being abused on farms, in factory situations, in laboratories, in our homes. And the Canadian government, the Liberal government, has done nothing to take action. In fact, they have killed action on this issue. And so, while this room is full of people and there are no animals here, all the animals of Canada have a question for you: What is the Liberal government going to do to protect them? It is 2018 and we are still treating animals like it is 1918.”

Click here to watch the video with Reichert and Trudeau.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federally registered Canadian political party. The party is dedicated to the protection of all animals and the environment, primarily through electoral politics and legislative advocacy but also through research, education and rescue.