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Animal rights movement in European Parliament likely to be tripled

The international movement “Animal Politics EU”, which consists of the Party for the Animals in the Netherlands and its ten European sister parties, will gain five to seven seats in the forthcoming European Parliament elections, according to opinion polls in several European countries. This means the animal rights movement in the European Parliament could triple … Continue Reading

“Make fur history” speech of Marianne Thieme in parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Friday 5th of April, Marianne Thieme, the leader of the Dutch Party to for the Animals, spoke in the parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. She was invited by local Bosnian animal welfare and environmental organisations  to make a case for a definitive ban on fur farming. Thieme argued that fur farming is … Continue Reading

Dutch Party for the Animals continues to grow after regional elections

Last week elections were held for the Provincial Councils and Water Boards in the Netherlands. As with every election until now, the Party for the Animals made gains again. Party for the Animals celebrates gains at regional elections It was the first time that the Party for the Animals took part in the elections in … Continue Reading

The Party for the Animals nominates Anja Hazekamp as European leading candidate

The Dutch Party for the Animals nominates its current MEP Anja Hazekamp as leading candidate for the European elections. Her candidacy will be presented to the members at the party congress on 31 March. The Party for the Animals wants to sound a green and progressive critical voice in the European Parliament in the next … Continue Reading

Another success for Animal Welfare Party in the UK

Last week, Animal Welfare Party in the United Kingdom again achieved local success. Thanks to Jane Smith, Animal Welfare Party councillor, the town of Alsager will work with a robust pollinator strategy to help pollinating insects and improve the natural environment. Pollinators like bees and butterflies are vital to our food supply, but are currently … Continue Reading

European Parliament: stop animal transport to countries outside the EU

Animals should no longer be transported from Europe to countries outside the European Union when there is no guarantee that they are treated properly. A majority of the European Parliament (EP) voted in favour of this last week. The EP also wants journey times for live transport, currently still allowed to last days to weeks, … Continue Reading

Former builder and newly elected politician of the Animal Justice Party impresses the world with his straight from the heart speech

Late last year, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) won a seat in the Senate of the Australian State of Victoria. Andy Meddick, former builder and an active Trade Union member, was elected on behalf of the AJP and delivered his maiden speech in Parliament last week. His special maiden speech, personal and straight from the … Continue Reading

Another European success for the Party for the Animals: shorter animal transports, better inspections and stiffer sanctions

Transport time of live animals must be shortened, it is no longer permitted to bring animals to countries which do not meet European animal welfare standards and violations of the European Union’s (EU) animal transport rules must be dealt with more severely. This was advised in a report by the Agriculture Committee of the European … Continue Reading

European success for Party for the Animals: independent research and no more animal testing for agricultural chemicals

Last week, a majority of the European Parliament endorsed recommendations from the special committee on pesticides. The Dutch Party for the Animals took a seat in the committee, providing it with critical recommendations: less chemicals, more transparency and independence and no more animal testing to assess the safety of agricultural chemicals. Party for the Animals … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals enforces debate on the suffering of animals in the livestock industry 

On the Party for the Animals’ (PftA) insistence a big debate will be held in the Dutch Lower House on the suffering and dying of animals in the livestock industry.  PftA’s parliamentary leader Esther Ouwehand: “A radical change of course is needed, involving a transition to an agriculture in which we do justice to animals.” … Continue Reading