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MEPs calling to end spring hunting of migratory birds in Malta

BRUSSELS, 23 March- Members of the European Parliament from several political groups  have urged the European Commission to open an infringement procedure against Malta for the spring hunt on migratory birds. Dutch Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp has taken the lead in the call for action to save the birds. A round table discussion on spring hunting in Malta, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, has ended with Dutch Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp calling on the European Commission to open an infringement procedure against Malta to stop the practice of spring hunting. According to Hazekamp, … Continue Reading

New legislative proposal by the Party for the Animals against slaughter without stunning

20 March 2018 – The Dutch Party for the Animals is going to put forward a new legislative proposal for a general obligation to stun animals before slaughter. In the Netherlands there already is a statutory obligation to stun animals before they are slaughtered but an exception is made for halal and kosher slaughter. The … Continue Reading

EU Parliament follows the Party for the Animals and wants action against bee mortality and bee pesticides

Last week, the European Parliament adopted a resolution which asks the European Commission and its Member States to help protect the bees. Additionally, the Parliament supported a proposal to ban the poisonous insecticide neonicotinoids completely. With this, the European Parliament follows previous national and European calls from the Dutch Party for the Animals. The Parliament … Continue Reading

Canadian party for the animals challenges Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a crucial question

27 February 2018 –  This month, the Animal Protection Party of Canada (APPC) put Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the spot by accusing him of blocking animal welfare improvements. When APPC’s Campaign Officer Jordan Reichert asked Trudeau a crucial question during a meeting in the townhall of Nanaimo, Trudeau was clearly caught by surprise. … Continue Reading

The Party for the Animals has started in Belgium

BRUSSELS/THE HAGUE, 20 February – The political party ‘DierAnimal’ was launched in Belgium yesterday. This Belgian sister party of the Dutch Party for the Animals is the eleventh political party in the European Union that puts the position of the planet and animals at centre stage. The bilingual political party DierAnimal wishes to lay down … Continue Reading

Escaped cow will arrive at cow shelter next Thursday thanks to campaign by the Party for the Animals

6 February 2018, The Hague | Next Thursday, February 8, a cow called Zus, buddy of cow Hermien, will arrive at cow shelter “De Leemweg” in the Dutch village of Zandhuizen around 2 PM. Both cows were saved from slaughter thanks to a “cowfunding” campaign set up by the Dutch Party for the Animals. Party … Continue Reading

EU criticises the Netherlands mercilessly for its painful pig tail-docking

6 January 2018 – In the Netherlands, almost 99.5% of all piglets routinely get part of their tail docked while this is in fact prohibited by European law. Vets issue standard certificates to give permission for tail-docking and the Dutch method, where the sector in particular should deal with the problem, turns out to not … Continue Reading

“Cowfunding” to buy the freedom of cow and slaughterhouse escapee Hermien

30 January 2018 – Last week, the Dutch Party for the Animals launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to save a cow called Hermien from slaughter. The cow managed to escape just before being taken to the abattoir and for weeks, she has hidden in the Dutch forests, evading capture by hunters, officers, vets and farmers. … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals wants the closure of dolphinarium Loro Parque

30 January 2018  – The Dutch Party for the Animals urges the European Commission to shut down the dolphinarium ‘Loro Parque’ in Tenerife, as it is violating European animal welfare regulations for zoos. Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp: “According to experts, the tanks in Loro Parque are far too small and not at … Continue Reading

Local government in Morocco uses humane means to control stray animal population

The council of the municipality of Tangier in the north of Morocco will start investing in humane and effective means to control the municipality’s stray animal population. This concerns an integral package, including vaccination, neutering and identification. Tangier will be cooperating with local organisation and sanctuary for stray animals “Sanctuaire de la faune de Tanger” … Continue Reading