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Five seats in parliament for the Party for the Animals!

The Party for the animals has, after an exciting election campaign, won five seats in the Lower House of Dutch Parliament. A gain of three seats, i.e. an increase of 150 percent. Party leader Marianne Thieme: The “green anchor” in the Lower House that keeps the other parties focused has thus become much stronger!” The … Continue Reading

Questions from Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp regarding the killing of stray dogs in Ukraine

Several media reports on the killing of stray dogs in Ukraine in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest 1) In 2011, the Commission stated that there had been ‘some recent signs of progress’ regarding the ‘brutal killing of stray dogs’ in Ukraine [1]. Does the Commission continue to believe that progress has been made … Continue Reading

Portugal puts vegan meals on public menu

Country votes into law provision that public canteens must offer diners at least one meat free option It seems that international officialdom is going mad for eating with people and planet in mind. Following hot on the heels of government departments in Germany and Japan, Portugal is now enjoying its moment in the meat free … Continue Reading

Finnish sister party EOP participates in elections for the first time

Last Sunday 9 April, our Finnish sister party EOP participated in the municipal elections in Finland for the first time. EOP took part in the elections in a total of six municipalities. They had candidates in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Nokia, Salla and Vesanto. These are the first elections for the party, which was established in … Continue Reading

First debate of the new Lower House is about the suffering of animals during slaughter

The first oral questions of the new Lower House were about the unacceptable animals suffering during slaughter. They were raised by Esther Ouwehand to the State Secretary of Economic Affairs. On the insistence of the Party for the Animals, the government will aim at camera supervision in slaughter houses.  The reason for interrogating the State … Continue Reading

PftA: illegal activities during spring hunting Malta

The Party for the Animals found several illegal activities at Malta at the end of March during the controversial spring hunting for migratory birds. MEP Anja Hazekamp observed the Maltese spring hunting together with BirdLife Malta and already came across electronic birds decoys on the hunting grounds in the first hour of the hunting season. … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals announces parliamentary inquiry into animal transport

A parliamentary committee of inquiry should be established in order to investigate and put an end to the distressing situations associated with animal transport leaving the European Union. This was announced by MEP Anja Hazekamp at a press conference of Eurogroup for Animals and Animals International in Brussels last Monday. During the press conference, horrendous … Continue Reading

Europe forced to wait for citizens’ initiative on glyphosate

“No extending of glyphosate license until citizens’ initiative is fully considered” The Party for the Animals demands that the European Commission does not extend the European license for herbicide glyphosate until the recently officially registered European citizens’ initiative ‘Ban Glyphosate’ has been fully considered. MEP Anja Hazekamp wants the European Commission’s guarantee that the initiative … Continue Reading

In the spotlight: our youngest party supporters

The Party for the Animals is the perfect example of a party that is dedicated to future generations. We undertake to promote an inhabitable world, now and in the future. We are worried about whether our children will have better lives than our generation, in a material as well as an immaterial sense. Young people … Continue Reading

The Netherlands wants to raise the issue of illegal Japanese whaling

Sea Shepherd / Glenn Lockitch The Netherlands wishes to raise the issue of illegal whaling during the discussions on a trade agreement between Europe and Japan. This is what Minister Koenders (Foreign Affairs) promised on Thursday in his response to questions from the Party of the Animals. The European Committee, who negotiates on behalf of the … Continue Reading