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European parties for animals lay the foundations for collaboration in European elections of 2019

The Hague, 5 December 2017 – Last Thursday and Friday, parties for animals from seven different countries who will be participating in the European elections of 2019, met in The Hague. Representatives of the Finish, Spanish, Swedish, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch parties shared knowledge, expertise and ideas to collaborate. There is a real possibility … Continue Reading

The Party for the Animals calls on everybody to object to catastrophic electrofishing

On the 21st of November, the General Fisheries Commission of the European Parliament will vote on controversial pulse fishing, also known as electrofishing. The European Council of Ministers wants to impose restrictions on this new way of fishing, which uses electricity. The Dutch government expressed its displeasure against the restrictions because it lobbied to a … Continue Reading

Inspiring: pig farmer becomes vegan and now grows vegetables

Increasingly more farmers see opportunities in vegetable agriculture, without the use of animals. One of the most recent examples is the story of the Swedish Gustaf Soderfeldt. In 2006, Soderfeldt set up a small-scale pig farm. He believed that the way animals were treated in industrial animal farming was horrific and he wanted to do … Continue Reading

More and more countries ban animals in circuses

The use of animals in circuses is rapidly banned in more and more countries. In November alone, India, Italy and Ireland opted for such ban. In total there are now 42 countries in the world that have banned the use of animals in circuses. Animal welfare organisations and scientists emphasise that the use of animals … Continue Reading

Dutch Party for the Animals celebrates 15th anniversary!

This year marks the Dutch Party for the Animals’ 15th anniversary. On 28 October 2002, a small group of people decided to be the first in the world to found a political party representing not human interests, but the interests of the entire planet and all its inhabitants. Fifteen years later, the Party for the … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals raises issue of shooting of Romanian bears and wolves in EU

Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp has put questions to the European Commission about reports indicating that Romania plans on having substantial numbers of brown bears and wolves shot by hunters and local authorities. Both species are listed in Annex IV of the EU Habitats Directive and Annex II of the Berne Convention as … Continue Reading

Tihar: the festival dedicated to dogs and other animals

This month, the annual Tihar Festival took place in Nepal. During the associated festivities, Hindus thank and honour animals throughout the country. The second day is dedicated entirely to dogs. Tihar is a five-day long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal each year in late October/early November. Tihar means ‘Festival of lights’. The festival symbolizes ‘the … Continue Reading

Historical win for Portuguese party for the animals during local elections

On Sunday October 10th, the Portuguese party for the animals Pessoas-Animais-Natureza (PAN), booked a huge success during the municipal elections in Portugal winning seats in 32 municipalities. This entails that the party will be represented in 78% of the municipalities. PAN members celebrating the election results PAN already obtained one seat in the Portuguese national … Continue Reading

European Parliament supports the Party for the Animals proposal against overfishing in the North Sea

On Thursday September 14th , the European Parliament voted in favour for a package of protective measures aimed at reducing overfishing in the North Sea. The Party for the Animals received support for her proposal to never fish above the level of the Maximum Sustainable Yield. This maximum limit will be enforced next year if the … Continue Reading

International conference Party for the Animals in Madrid brings together animal protectors from 20 countries

AMSTERDAM, 4 October 2017 – Last weekend, the Dutch Party for the Animals (PftA) and Spanish sister party PACMA organised an international conference on the stray dog problem. Representatives of parties for animals and animal welfare organisations from 20 countries shared their experiences with the aim of improving the situation of stray dogs worldwide.   … Continue Reading