Solliciteren bij de Partij voor de Dieren banner

Youth wing of Dutch Party for the Animals shows its solidarity with young Swedish climate activist

Last week, students and members of PINK!, the Dutch Party for the Animals’ youth wing, were on school strike outside the Dutch parliament to protest against the majority of the Dutch parliament’s indifference to climate change. The students wanted to show their solidarity with Greta Thunberg, the Swedish schoolgirl who has become an international role … Continue Reading

Parties for the Animals worldwide support mass protest ‘Misión Abolición’ against bullfighting

On 15 September, the Spanish Party for the Animals, Partido Animalista (PACMA), will organise its annual mass protest against bullfighting in Madrid. PACMA is urging everyone to take part in their protest, called ‘Misión Abolición’ – Abolition Mission – by coming to Madrid, signing the petition or joining the social media campaign, starting tomorrow. Every … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals joins thousands of people worldwide in marching the streets for animal justice

Last weekend, thousands of people across the globe took to the streets to join the so-called Animal Rights March. Their purpose? To put an end to all forms of animal exploitation. The March took place in several countries such as Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Greece, the United States, Norway and the Netherlands. … Continue Reading

Parliamentary questions Dutch Party for the Animals about expansion Ukrainian factory farming

The Dutch Party for the Animals made enquiries  about the expansion plans of a chicken factory farm in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. The factory farm is part of the monstrous company MHP. Party for the Animals MP Lammert van Raan wants to know more about the Dutch government’s involvement in the factory farm, that now already houses … Continue Reading

Victory for hedgehogs thanks to UK’s Animal Welfare Party

United Kingdom’s Animal Welfare Party (AWP) scored a lasting victory for hedgehogs when AWP councillor Jane Smith’s motion to stipulate hedgehog-friendly boundaries in all new planning applications was passed unanimously by Alsager Town Council in Cheshire. A much needed measure, as Britain’s hedgehog population is in serious decline. In rural areas, the hedgehog population is … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals brings growing international movement for animals and planet to The Hague

Marianne Thieme, founder and leader of world’s first successful Party for the Animals, gave a lecture last Friday in The Hague. Her talk was on the party’s encouraging role regarding animal rights, nature and the environment. She also emphasized the important role of the growing international political movement which turns the traditional politics upside down. … Continue Reading

Avoiding meat and dairy is the best solution for our planet

Want to contribute to a better environment? Stop eating meat and dairy. According to a new research carried out by the universities of Oxford and Zürich, avoiding these products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet – even more so than cutting down on your number of flights or … Continue Reading

Toilet paper in the Netherlands is better protected against fire than animals

Over the past ten years, approximately 2,000,000 animals have died a horrific death in stable fires in the Netherlands. The Dutch Party for the Animals points out the fire brigade’s conclusion: preventing stable fires is a political choice but politics keeps on postponing the implementation of measures. Toilet paper in the Netherlands is better protected … Continue Reading

The international call for a stronger approach to (plastic) waste is getting louder  

The Dutch and Portuguese animal welfare parties have recently submitted proposals to tackle the problems related to the large quantities of waste. Among others, the parties propose to prohibit the use of harmful microplastic ingredients in products, to expand the deposit system and to reduce the use of disposable items in the catering industry. Moreover, … Continue Reading

Rebel cows Hermien and Zus who escaped from slaughterhouse are happy again in the meadow

The cow Hermien and her mate Zus, who made it to the news, both nationally and internationally, after they had literally just escaped slaughter, were finally allowed out in the meadow again after months in their stable. The animals visibly enjoyed their freedom on the grass at the “De Leemweg” rest home for cows in … Continue Reading