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The international call for a stronger approach to (plastic) waste is getting louder  

The Dutch and Portuguese animal welfare parties have recently submitted proposals to tackle the problems related to the large quantities of waste. Among others, the parties propose to prohibit the use of harmful microplastic ingredients in products, to expand the deposit system and to reduce the use of disposable items in the catering industry. Moreover, … Continue Reading

Rebel cows Hermien and Zus who escaped from slaughterhouse are happy again in the meadow

The cow Hermien and her mate Zus, who made it to the news, both nationally and internationally, after they had literally just escaped slaughter, were finally allowed out in the meadow again after months in their stable. The animals visibly enjoyed their freedom on the grass at the “De Leemweg” rest home for cows in … Continue Reading

Ban animal testing for cosmetics

Last week, the European Parliament, with the support of the Dutch Party for the Animals (PftA), called for the global ban of testing cosmetics on animals. MEP Anja Hazekamp after the vote of the European Parliament. The text on the sign: “I just voted for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics” “Already in … Continue Reading

Australian Animal Justice Party calls for ban on live exports

24 April 2018 – More than twee weeks ago, videos from a whistleblower exposed serious cruelty in Australian sheep exports, where thousands of animals died an awful death because of the heat and stress. The videos caused a shock wave throughout Australia and beyond. The Animal Justice Party (AJP), the Australian party for the animals, … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals wants to reduce the use of disposable cups

The number of used coffee cups at railway stations should be reduced. Last week, a majority of the Dutch Lower House supported a motion tabled by the Party for the Animals requesting the Dutch Cabinet to make ambitious commitments with major coffee chains to reduce the use of disposable cups. Each year around 3 billion, … Continue Reading

Ukrainian fashion designers stop using animal fur thanks to animal rights organisation UAnimals

Last week, well-known Ukrainian animal rights organisation UAnimals announced that famous Ukrainian fashion designers will stop using animal fur for their designs. Ukrainian top designer on a UAnimals poster For a period of six months, UAnimals has been conferring with several famous designers participating in the Ukrainian Fashion Week and campaigning via social media. Fashion Week … Continue Reading

Marianne Thieme shares secret behind Party for the Animals’ success in Stockholm

On 14 April, Marianne Thieme, founder of the Dutch Party for the Animals, gave a lecture in the Playhouse Teater in Stockholm on the party’s successful role as an advocate for animal rights, nature and environment. The party currently has 5 seats in the national parliament and enjoyed a dramatic growth in last March’s municipal … Continue Reading

Major Win for Party for the Animals in Dutch Municipal Elections

The Dutch Party for the Animals enjoyed a dramatic growth in last week’s municipal elections, gaining a number of 33 seats, thereby nearly tripling its number of seats on local councils. Party for the Animals team celebrates victory in elections The Party for the Animals gained seats in every municipality in which it participated. In … Continue Reading

MEPs calling to end spring hunting of migratory birds in Malta

BRUSSELS, 23 March- Members of the European Parliament from several political groups  have urged the European Commission to open an infringement procedure against Malta for the spring hunt on migratory birds. Dutch Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp has taken the lead in the call for action to save the birds. A round table discussion on spring hunting in Malta, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, has ended with Dutch Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp calling on the European Commission to open an infringement procedure against Malta to stop the practice of spring hunting. According to Hazekamp, the derogation from the … Continue Reading

New legislative proposal by the Party for the Animals against slaughter without stunning

20 March 2018 – The Dutch Party for the Animals is going to put forward a new legislative proposal for a general obligation to stun animals before slaughter. In the Netherlands there already is a statutory obligation to stun animals before they are slaughtered but an exception is made for halal and kosher slaughter. The … Continue Reading