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Animal Welfare Party (UK) happy with election results

On 8 June, the British Animal Welfare Party (AWP) entered the 2017 General Election. Despite having gained no seats, the party was still happy with the results given the political situation in the United Kingdom. AWP made the strategic choice to participate in four constituencies: Maidenhead, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals chairs House of Representatives in the Netherlands

The Hague, 06 June 2017 | Member of Parliament Esther Ouwehand chaired the parliamentary debates in the Dutch Lower House today. Being the deputy Speaker of a national parliament is a global premier for any member of an animal welfare party worldwide.  The Dutch Speaker of the House of Representatives leads the parliamentary debates of … Continue Reading

Animal Welfare Party participates in UK General Election

UK’s Animal Welfare Party (AWP) has 4 candidates standing in the June 8th General Election in the following constituencies: Maidenhead, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, Hackney South & Shoreditch  and Lewisham Deptford. The deposits for these constituencies have been entirely funded by members and supporters. The party has managed to raise the funds for these … Continue Reading

Anti-fox hunting campaigners march telling Theresa May to keep the ban

The team of the party for the animals in UK (Animal Welfare Party) headed to London on Monday 29th of May to support the Make Hunting History march which was organised by an alliance of anti-hunt campaign groups. The need for this protest came after the Conservative party released their manifesto on 18th May in which Theresa … Continue Reading

Growing international alliance against Belgian nuclear power plant in Tihange

Yesterday the Dutch Parliament adopted a motion by the Party for the Animals, requiring Belgium to shut down its nuclear power plant in Tihange. According to the majority, there are so many safety issues that it is not responsible to let Tihange run for much longer. There is a growing, unprecedented international alliance that wants to … Continue Reading

Animal welfare parties participate in International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

On 17 May, several of the Party for the Animals’ sister parties, including the German Partei Mensch Umwelt Dierschutz and the Portuguese PAN, expressed their support for the protection of LGBTI groups against hate and violence. Every year on 17 May LGBTI organisations worldwide raise awareness of the phenomenon of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia and … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals calls for camera surveillance in all European slaughterhouses

Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp has submitted a request to the European Commission for mandatory camera surveillance in all slaughterhouses in Europe to better protect animals at slaughter. According to Hazekamp, the cameras should complement the existing surveillance in slaughterhouses rather than replace it. The Party for the Animals wants serious wrongdoings like … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals puts Norwegian whaling on EU’s agenda

At the request of the Party for the Animals, Norwegian whaling will be discussed in the European Parliament in the following month. Despite a global whaling ban, Norway started its annual whale hunt again last April. The country even increased its hunting quota of 2016, planning to kill 999 animals this season. The Party for … Continue Reading

PACMA calls for ‘zero tolerance’ law on animal cruelty

On 16 May, Spanish animal rights party PACMA submitted a proposal to the Spanish Congress of Deputies for a ‘zero tolerance’ law (Ley Cero). This law guarantees the humane treatment of all animals and protection against mistreatment. As a consequence, it includes, among other things, measures to ban bullfighting, hunting and the use of animals … Continue Reading

PftA present at the People’s Climate March Amsterdam

On Saturday the 29th of April, the worldwide People’s Climate March took place: The Party for the Animals took part in the march in Amsterdam at the Museumplein. Our brand new Member of Parliament Lammert van Raan joined in on the march. Thousands of people called on the prospective government to choose an ambitious climate policy. At … Continue Reading