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Dutch Party for the Animals forces Minister to act against greenwashing by aviation sector

Last month, Dutch MP Lammert van Raan (Party for the Animals) managed to form a majority in the Lower House for his motion that instructs the Government to make sure that oil is not being labelled as green alternative fuel by the aviation industry. The aviation industry is known for lobbying for the weakening of … Continue Reading

Banned animated short film sparks discussion of destructive palm oil

The ban on a commercial of the British supermarket chain Iceland Foods has led to great international commotion. The animated short film shows the destructive effects of palm oil on nature and animals. The petition asking to lift the ban has meanwhile been signed by one million people. Several organisations in the European Union (EU) are … Continue Reading

Australian Animal Justice Party candidate: “Let’s give real hope to our farmers”

On November 24th , elections will be held for the Parliament of the Australian state Victoria.The Animal Justice Party (AJP) hopes to win a seat and has presented 60 candidates. One of them is Dr Tamasin Ramsay, a medical anthropologist, and she has an important message for Australians. Dr Tamasin Ramsay, candidate for the AJP … Continue Reading

Portuguese party for the animals puts forward a motion to curb livestock transportation

The Portuguese Party for Humans, Animals and Nature (PAN) recently put forward a motion in the Portuguese Parliament, which is to end government subsidies for long distance transportation of animals. According to PAN, animals are treated as trade products during livestock transportation and not as creatures with feelings, which is in conflict with national and … Continue Reading

European Parliament votes in favour of historic resolution dealing with the suffering of chickens in poultry industry

The European Parliament wants to improve the welfare of broiler chickens. Last week, a proposal by the Party for the Animals to combat the suffering of broiler chickens was almost unanimously supported. The adopted proposal wants to use healthier and slower-growing chickens. Furthermore, the Parliament is concerned about the high stocking density in farms: a … Continue Reading

Two candidates of The Humane Party participate in the American elections

Two members of the American Party for the Animals, The Humane Party, will participate in the upcoming elections in America on 6 November. They are supported by all 18 of their sister parties across the world. Humane Party candidates Clifton Roberts and Robert Mason In 2015, the Humane Party participated in the elections for the … Continue Reading

German party for the animals wins a seat in regional elections

This month, the German Party for the Animals, “Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz” (Tierschutzpartei), has officially been elected to the district council of Upper Bavaria. Dr. Suzanne Wittmann, newly elected council member of the Tierschutzpartei in the German district of Upper Bavaria Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern) is one of Bavaria’s seven districts and surrounds the city of … Continue Reading

Help save the wolves in Norway

NOAH, the leading animal rights organisation in Norway, calls upon organisations all over Europe to help save the wolves in Norway. Photo by Tommy Solberg The Norwegian regional wildlife management boards want to hunt down three wolf packs in the so-called ‘wolf zone’ that makes up only 5% of Norwegian territory and is meant to … Continue Reading

Party for the Animals MEP urges European Commission to end animal cruelty on intensive fish farms

Essere Animali, an Italian NGO has published footage taken on intensive fish farms that reveals horrific practices in an industry that so far has  gone unregulated. Anja Hazekamp, Member of European Parliament for the Dutch Party for the Animals, urges the European Commission to finally take action. Fish in intensive fish farms Shocking footage of intensively farmed … Continue Reading

Two candidates for the Canadian municipal elections want to give animals a voice in local policy

Next Saturday, the 20th of October, municipal elections will be held in Canada. Two members of the Animal Protection Party of Canada will participate in two different municipalities. Both candidates plead for inclusive municipalities where compassion is the guiding principle and where both people and animals can live safely. Candidate-municipal council members Vicki Van Linden … Continue Reading