Solliciteren bij de Partij voor de Dieren banner

7-9 November 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

From Friday 7 November to Sunday 9 November 2014, the APF organized a meeting in Serbia for animal welfare parties for the purposes of fact-finding about the various parties and initiatives, strengthening the network, exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge. Workshops and speeches were given by the President of the Serbian Society for the Protection of Animals, board members of the APF, a Dutch Member of Parliament, and by policy assistants of the Party for the Animals. Most of the work relating to the preparation and the local organization of the meeting was carried out by staff from the party bureau.

The symposium was attended by initiators and parties from eleven countries: Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, France, Serbia, Cyprus and the Netherlands. The meeting started with a meet & greet:

presentation Animal Justice Party – Australia
presentation Animal Welfare Party – United Kingdom
presentation PACMA – Spain
presentation Djurens Parti – Sweden
presentation Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz – Germany
presentation Animal Party Cyprus- Cyprus