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Dutch Party for the Animals forces Minister to act against greenwashing by aviation sector

Last month, Dutch MP Lammert van Raan (Party for the Animals) managed to form a majority in the Lower House for his motion that instructs the Government to make sure that oil is not being labelled as green alternative fuel by the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is known for lobbying for the weakening of sustainability criteria. New low: the attempt of Saudi Arabia to label oil as green alternative fuel within CORSIA, the proposed aviation carbon market. A wind turbine on an oil refinery would be enough.

Lammert van Raan: “The aviation industry has proven to be very unwilling to implement any form of serious climate action. If we want to limit global warming to a 1.5°C-scenario, we simply cannot trust on the sector. It is time for to significantly reduce the number of flights.”

In the annual debate on the budget of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Van Raan did ask Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen to speak out on this new trick by the aviation industry. The Minister agreed with Van Raan that oil should never be labelled as green alternative fuel. This month, a majority of the Dutch Parliament voted in favour of the motion of Van Raan.

Lammert van Raan: “Just the fact that this kind of greenwashing actually needs to be addressed characterises the direction of the ideas the aviation industry has about sustainability.”