Solliciteren bij de Partij voor de Dieren banner

Escaped cow will arrive at cow shelter next Thursday thanks to campaign by the Party for the Animals

6 February 2018, The Hague | Next Thursday, February 8, a cow called Zus, buddy of cow Hermien, will arrive at cow shelter “De Leemweg” in the Dutch village of Zandhuizen around 2 PM. Both cows were saved from slaughter thanks to a “cowfunding” campaign set up by the Dutch Party for the Animals. Party for the Animals MP Esther Ouwehand will be present to welcome Zus. Members of the press are more than welcome to attend.

Cows at the cow shelter “De Leemweg”

Cow Zus gained national attention as the buddy of cow Hermien, after both animals managed to escape when they were being transported for slaughter. Shortly after, Zus was caught and brought to a cattle dealer, while Hermien managed to evade capture by farmers, hunters, and veterinarians and kept roaming about in Dutch forests.

After the spectacular escape, many Dutch citizens called for a stay of execution for both animals. The Dutch Royal Family also got involved in the discussion when LL.M. Pieter van Vollenhoven stated that Hermien should be granted her freedom.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign by the Party for the Animals, which raised €50,000, the freedom of both Hermien and Zus was able to be purchased. Cow Zus will arrive first at the cow shelter located in De Leemweg. Hermien is expected to be brought to De Leemweg in late April to be reunited with her friend. The remaining part of the collected money will be used to take care of the cows for the rest of their lives.