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The Party for the Animals forms an integral part of an international and growing movement of people and parties working for the rights of animals, nature and the environment in politics and public administration. The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Australia already have active representatives of parties for animals; in many other countries, parties for animals have been founded or are in formation.


Party for the animals, represented in (local) governments

Party for the Animals, not represented in (local) governments

Partij voor de Dieren

The Netherlands

The Party for the Animals (PvdD) is the first party in the world to represent animal rights in parliament. At the moment, the party has 50 representatives (EU, national parliament, senate, provinces, municipalities, district water boards).

PvdD does not put short-term interest of man at the pivotal position, but the entire planet and all her inhabitants instead. All work and solutions have a planet-wide focus, as we must resist the diseased economic system that exploits the earth, farmers and animals and that leads to hunger, climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss and suffering. Therefore, we must change the way we produce and consume. And inspire others to make sustainable choices.

Animal Justice Party


Established in 2010, the Animal Justice Party represents the interests of animals in the decisions of parliaments throughout Australia. It currently has over 5000 members. The AJP had its first representative elected to the upper house of the New South Wales state parliament in March 2015.

Key priorities of the Party include: ending the live export of animals; ending the killing of protected native wildlife such as Kangaroos; ending cruel ‘intensive’ farming practices such as battery cages and sow stalls and other practices; and recognising that positive human engagement with animals creates a stronger, wiser, respectful, compassionate and healthier community.

Animal Party Cyprus


• APC is succeeding in establishing itself as a serious Political  Party for animals on the Cypriot political landscape.
• APC is succeeding in introducing reforms which will make enforcement of animal welfare legislation possible.
• APC is working with the media to reach voters.
• APC is working to send the message that it is not a Party focussed on cats and dogs, but on all species including humans.

Animal Protection Party of Canada


Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federally registered Canadian political party. We are dedicated to the protection of all animals and the environment primarily through electoral politics and legislative advocacy but also through research, education and rescue.  Canada’s “first past the post” electoral system presents enormous hurdles in electing an Animal Protection Party of Canada representative to the House of Commons. So our mission, which we have implemented for over a decade, is to reward politicians who work to protect animals and the environment and hold accountable those who don’t.

Animal Welfare Party

United Kingdom

Established in 2006, AWP believes in a better future for people, animals and the environment. Our policies are aimed at creating a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society in which the interests of the environment, people and animals are all taken into account. Key policies include:

  • Redirecting subsidies from livestock and fisheries farming to plant-based agriculture.
  • Phasing out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction and proper support for alternatives.
  • Increasing penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty.
  • Promoting healthy plant-based lifestyle initiatives in schools, GP practices and the workplace.
  • Phasing out farming practices with poor welfare consequences for animals.



Djurens parti


Djurens parti was founded in 2014. We believe that there is need to turn away from an anthropocentric view, for we are dependent on nature. By acting accordingly we will preserve ecosystems and species and enhance human well-being. Djurens parti wants to bring forth the perspective of animals that are often neglected and seldomly considered when building a society that highly affects their lives.

The first version of our Party Programme is focused on our policies for the animals. We believe that a stronger legal protection must be put in place, which acknowledges the unique value of each sentient individual irrespective of species and where compassion is the guiding principle. Version two of our Party Programme, to be published during 2016, will extend to include our policies for the environment and health areas.



The Animal Justice Party of Finland, AJP, is a political organization, whose aim is to make Finland a society that accepts the rights of all animals. We seek:

  • justice free from speciesism
  • an end to the use of animals in the machinery of production.

The supporters of the Animal Justice Party of Finland are tired of waiting for change. AJP has been born from the will to move animal rights into the arena of political discussion and decision-making.

Hayvan Partisi


The Hayvan Partisi didn’t come together to make people love animals. Our purpose is to bring up the ignored ones to humans agenda. We don’t want to talk about how tasty vegetables are, but want to say that on today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates. Yes, most of us love animals but it is not a condition for you to come and join us. All we want is remind you that we all are beings thrown into the world and our form in life does not determine the importance or value of our existence.

Justice for All party


The ‘Justice for All ‘ Party , founded in June  2016, is the only Israeli party for animal welfare.The party brings together members from across the political spectrum, the common denominator of all is that the time has come to recognize the rights of animals. From its conception that all earthlings, including the animals, are meant for their own ends and not any other purpose, ‘Justice for All’ seeks to fully recognize the individual’s intrinsic value, his physical and mental needs and his full right to liberty. It follows from this that any discrimination, per se, among the living organism of country is unacceptable. In recognition of this value, and in view of the unfortunate situation of animals under human rule, the ‘Justice for All’ movement responds to the urgent imperative and calls for integration of animal rights in state, municipal, social and cultural instituions.

Since repairing the roots of the animals’ status is a completely new public arena, which has not yet been properly dealt with – not by legislation, economics, education or culture, health or otherwise – we are taking the first steps in an unpaved and bumpy way. The  ‘ Justice for All’ Party, in conjunction with all animal rights advocates in Israel and around the world, wants to begin this long journey today because the time has come.




PACMA, the Animalist Party in Spain founded in 2003, bases its program on animal welfare, the environment and social justice. With a growing projection and with election results than double the number of votes in every election, expects to get representation shortly.

Our work revolves around the allegations by legal means of animal abuse or cruel festivals with animals, appeals against unjust laws for animals, awareness campaigns and public demonstrations (Toro de la Vega , bullfights , San Fermin … ), researching and documenting cases of abuse, making reports and dossiers, developing proposals for governments and legislative initiatives, etc.



PAN – Pessoas-Animais-Natureza claims for a free, fair, inclusive and self-aware society and for a reinvented democracy, based on participation, ethics, agreement, respect and equality.

This Portuguese party aims to be the voice and the political arm of civil movements, associations and NGOs that search for a alternative and renewed society, trying to supply and overcome state and institutional policies and to promote the awareness towards solidarity for humanitarian, animal and ecological causes.

Parti Animaliste


The Parti Animaliste wants to incorporate animal rights into the French Constitution and put a stop to cockfights and hunting for pleasure. The party’s founders include lawyers, politicians and animal activists.

Partito Animalista Italiano


The “Partito Animalista Italiano” (Italian Animal Party) was born to defend the Animal Right and to work in the Institutions and Parliaments to build a new society that can respect the Animal Rights and the Environment.



The Humane Party

United States

The Humane Party, launched in 2009, is America’s first political party committed to rights for all animals—not just the human kind. All HP candidates, officers, and board members must be vegan personally and abolitionist politically. HP’s proposed Constitutional amendments include:

  • Abolition Amendment: abolishing all forms of slavery, including meat, fish, poultry, dairy, egg, leather, fur, vivisection, rodeo, animal-racing, and all other exploitation-based industries;
  • Equal Rights Amendment 2 (“ERA2”): guaranteeing sex, gender, and marriage equality;
  • Democracy Amendment: replacing Electoral College system with democratic elections.

HP candidates seek the U.S. Presidency and a majority in both houses of Congress.

Tierpartei Schweiz




Founded in 1993 as the first animal party in the world. We see humans, the environment and the animals as one unity. If we want to save our planet, we have to see the humans, environment and animals as a package. A sustained outlook on the world is neccessary. Not „each on their own“, but „all together for our planet“!

Trees Party Taiwan


* The information above is written by the political parties themselves.