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2. Vote for animal-friendly politicians or parties

If a party for the animals has already been established in your country, then vote for them. Even if a party for the animals has one single seat, the influence is greater than one would expect. In the Netherlands, we noticed that already by participating in the elections, other parties felt they had to prove a party for the animals was not needed, that they themselves were really animal and environmentally-friendly. And once we had two seats, traditional parties paid much more attention to issues related to animals, nature and environment than ever before. Issues that have never previously been discussed in parliament, were now placed on the political agenda.

If there is no party for the animals in your country, then find out who the most animal-friendly politicians or parties are. One party will have a more animal-friendly profile than the other, but it may also be the case that a real animal protectionist can also be found in a less animal-friendly party. Find out which politicians and parties take a clear stand on animal welfare and give them your vote during elections.