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It is high time for a radical change. The Party for the Animals wants to break the cycle of short-term thinking and focus on economic gain. Man is the only living species on Earth that destroys its own habitat and those of other living beings.

The current crises in climate, food, biodiversity, health, energy and the economy show that we have amply exceeded the limits of how much the Earth can handle. The boundless exploitation of animals has proven to be disastrous for humans, the environment, nature and animal welfare. Large-scale livestock farming is a major cause of famine and thirst in the world, global warming and the irreversible loss of natural resources.

The Earth provides enough space for people, animals and their habitats to live together in a harmonious way. With a healthy economy, a respectful society and take a sustainable future into account. The Earth can provide enough food for three times the amount of people that live there now, but only if we opt more often for a vegetarian diet. A different society asks for different choices, such as:

  • no factory farms, but a respectful treatment of animals
  • no intensive farming industry, but organic farming
  • no hunting, but increase of nature
  • no coal plants or nuclear energy, but solar panels
  • no additional highways, but good public transportation and bicycle paths
  • reduction of taxes on labour, increase of taxes on raw materials
  • regulate if necessary, freedom of choice where possible
  • no rules just for having rules, but using the human dimension as starting point