Solliciteren bij de Partij voor de Dieren banner

The Party for the Animals is the first political party in the world, which does not put the short-term interests of man at the pivotal position, but the entire planet and all her inhabitants instead. Thus, a fundamentally different approach than the traditional parties, which focus on the short-term interests of people and in particularly on money and economic growth without thinking about the consequences for humans, animals, nature and the environment. All our work and all our solutions have a planet-wide focus. And that makes us unique!

marianne thiemeMarianne Thieme, co-founder, leader of the party and leader of the parliamentary group, puts it like this: We have created the Party for the Animals based on the realization that man comes from nature, moreover is a part of it – and thus must not set himself at the center. A party, which wants to protect everything that is valuable and vulnerable. Which finds that the interests of animals, nature and the environment should be taken seriously. Planet-wide!

On November 22, 2006 the party was elected with two seats in parliament. Now we have 54 elected representatives in the Netherlands at various levels of government: five in the House, two in the Senate, one in the European Parliament, eighteen in the provincial councils,  twelve in city councils and fifteen in district water boards.

The main driver of our party is to protect the interest of the weakest against the alleged right of the strongest. In all this, the animals are the most vulnerable and, if they have a place at all, come in last in a world focused on short-term interests. And yet unlike ever before in history, destruction and mistreatment of animals take place on such a large scale, in, among others, the intensive farming industry, animal testing labs and in nature itself. After the liberation of slaves and women, and giving rights to children, it is the next logical step to take the interests of animals seriously.

In our work we use four principles: compassion, sustainability, personal freedom and personal responsibility.

Marianne Thieme: It is our opinion that it is nonsense to think that man is not able to change the system. We must resist the diseased economic system that exploits the Earth, farmers and animals and that leads to hunger, climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss and suffering. This is possible by changing the way we produce and consume. By changing the way we live. And by inspiring others to make sustainable choices.

Our vision is set put in our principle statement that is the basis for the positions we take.