More! has become the central theme in current society: more of everything and more than exists. The last few decades of unprecedented wealth have not only made us believe that our economy’s growth is limitless, but that it is a prerequisite for happiness and welfare as well.

The systemic crisis that started as a banking crisis in 2008 has become a full-blown monetary crisis. And it is clear that we are also dealing with a biodiversity crisis, a climate crisis, a world food crisis and other scarcity issues, all of which are threatening our wealth and welfare.

In More! Marianne Thieme has brought together scientific views that chart the current crises and help to find overall solutions. The independent scientists contributing are worried about the future of humans, animals, nature and the environment. They all advocate radical policy changes from their different viewpoints and take the limits of the earth as a starting point for our actions. Together they have composed a guideline for different, sustainable policies that have become inevitable in view of our growth and debt addiction.