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Translator Arabic wanted for our international movement for our planet and all its inhabitants!

The Party for the Animals (PftA) is looking for a translator Arabic for, among other things, the translation of news from our international movement for animal rights and our planet and the Worldlog of party leader Marianne Thieme. Do you master the Arabic language and would you like to occasionally do translation work from your home? Then respond to our call!

The Party for the Animals is the first successful political party in the world that does not put the short-term interests of humans first, but focuses on the entire planet and all its inhabitants.  All our work and all our solutions have a planet-wide focus. That makes us unique and the perfect party for everyone, regardless of country of origin. We are part of a global and growing movement that is committed to the interests of animals, nature and the environment in politics and public administration. There are now 19 parties for the animals worldwide.

Every week a news item, column, opinion article or weblog appears in twelve different languages ​​on this international website. One of the fixed contribtions is the monthly Worldlog by party leader Marianne Thieme.

Two regular translators are active for each language.  Every week they translate a text from Dutch or English to one of the 12 languages (in your case: to Arabic). So you will be asked once in every two weeks to translate a text.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for native speakers or professional translators. The length of each Worldlog and / or each news item is maximum 600 words. The Dutch or English text is sent to all translators on Friday afternoon and the deadline for the translation is the following Monday, before 10 am. It is volunteer work. You will get a volunteer allowance and of course a nice international platform for your translation work!

If you are interested, please email your name and telephone number to:

Also please indicate at what level you master the Arabic language, what experience you have with translation, where you live and if you have a European/Dutch bank account number.